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The small island of Coll lies around  fifty miles west of Oban. I was born on the island in the 1950s - delivered by the local district nurse as there is not a hospital on the island. Coll is roughly 13 miles long x 4 miles wide with many sandy beaches of various sizes - large and more secluded.


I have lived on the mainland for quite a number of years but am still a regular visitor to the island which I still call "HOME"  Hopefully this site ( will help to promote this wonderful island


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Why go abroad like the photo below when you can have this on the isle of Coll?

Why not go to the isle of Coll and have this  - instead of going abroad and having a scene like the next photo?

Some of the local catch just landed at the "isle of Coll" middle pier.

The island of Coll is a great base for sea fishing and with permission inland loch fishing also. When on the island it will be nearly always a case of having a wee word with the locals - and someone will probably take you out fishing in their little boat.

Mainland starting point for your journey to the island of "Coll" Sunset over Oban bay.

The lovely west coast port of Oban is the main starting point for "CalMac" ferry travel to the inner and some of the outer hebrides. In the summer season there is a daily trip from Oban to Coll & Tiree on the ferry. It is advisable if you take your car that you should book in advance as the summer season can be quite busy.

One of the many beaches - large & small - on the isle of "Coll"

The  isle  of  Coll  has  many  beaches  - large  and  small - spread  over  the  islands  coast. You  will  find  that  quite  often  you  can  be  the  only  family  on  a  beach  over  a  mile  long.  On  a  busy  day  you  may  have  to  share  the  sand  and  dunes  with  a  few  other  people.  Blackpool  was  never  like  this.  Two  different  worlds.

Looking from Coll towards a sunset in the outer isles.

The isle of Coll has many good vantage points to view wonderful sunsets. Most of these points are freely available to the general public.

The high church above Arinagour village.

What a splendid setting for the "church of Scotland" placed high on the hill above the village of Arinagour. Wonderful views of the bay and village are possible from this site.  The church welcomes visitors. Service times can be made known by asking a local.

Arinagour bay - with "Green cottage" centre right. (white now)
Arinagour village - looking up to the high church and Coll hotel from the 'old pier'

The island of Coll is a close neighbour of the equally lovely isle of Tiree in the inner Hebrides around fifty miles west of the Scottish mainland.

I do hope this site will help to promote this wonderful island.

Please feel free to get involved by leaving a message in my guestbook. Your email address is not made public.  Thank you so much for having a 'wee' peek at my site.     Kind regards   -    Robert Park  (Collach by birth)

The  island  has  accommodation which  includes  an  award  winning  hotel  with  a  menu  to  match.  There is the  very  popular  guesthouse  called                  "Tigh na Mara"         which  is  the  first  house  you  pass  after  leaving  the  ferry  pier.   There  are  quite  a  number  of  self catering  homes   which cater for large or small  numbers of people.  Just  past  the  village  on  the  left  you  will  find  the  new "Bunkhouse"  which  is  a  more  cost  friendly  accommodation  for  around  eighteen  visitors.  Caravans are also available  for  rental.

You  can  eat  at  the hotel  or the very  popular "Island  cafe" in the main village  which  has  a  vast menu to suit  all tastes  for  young and old.

There is an Island store in the village and  also  a  post office  and  Gift  shop  with  an  ATM machine.

The wonderful Island cafe &T.E.S.C.O.
Tigh Na Mara Guesthouse
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